A quarter of a century
has passed me by
in mists and dreams
and illusions of time

The seasons continue
to roll right on
though, now, I see
I was alone all along

Twenty-five years
and nothing to show
all of my heart
forbidden to grow

There are unspoken words
and plenty of poems
Unexpressed artworks
and talents to hone

They say I lack reason
but it doesn’t make sense
what is life for
if you deny your essence

And, my generation
is just a lost cause
we haven’t a hope
just innumerable flaws

They want us to be this
and then, perhaps that
To achieve wonderful things
at the drop of a hat

Yet, they don’t see
and, they refuse to believe
those older generations
won’t set us free

Time and again
we fail in their eyes
But when our time comes
They’ll take back their lies

We aren’t hopeless
or lost in our dreams
we’ve just been trapped
by your reality of things.

Danielle Shaeffer