Blood of Doves

Blood of Doves

Unforeseen horrors approached
the sky grew black as night.
And a choking fog rolled in,
the storm of death began.

Winds of rage showed no mercy
left nothing in their stead
But the blood of doves, whose lives,
they did so fiercely end.

Now the world, looks on in tears,
not knowing reasons why
The cries of help went unheard,
mercy was never shown.

Branches of those ragged trees,
hold only what remains
Of all the sweetest creatures,
whose live ended too soon.

Restless are those tattered souls,
who have seen blood of doves.
They’ll never have the answers,
held to that place in time.

All they have are memories,
and faded hopes and dreams.
Those future generations,
have lessons left untold.

Nothing left to touch their souls,
they can’t learn from the past.
Too soon I think, we shall see,
again the blood of doves.

Danielle Shaeffer