Bella Shade

Bella Shade

There was a maiden
fair of face
and, in her eyes
a darkness shined.
People talked
amongst themselves
declaring she
seemed a ghost.
However, fairest
of them all, she's
quite the mystery
they would boast
and, gave her name
Bella Shade.

Silently, she came
and went
among the crowds
whose smiles
were spent.
And, ever
did she know
how deep the dark
was inside.
None could deny
though dark
she seemed,
that beauty held her
like a dream.

Her voice
but soft
like the breeze
barely a whispering
through the leaves.
Long she wallowed
in mystery
and men, and creatures
could not help, but
to follow.
With emerald eyes
she drew them in
then showed
how beautiful darkness is.

Then rocked them gently
to and fro
in a peaceful grace
that softly flowed.
As starry nights
filled her eyes
they wept
and wept
mournful cries.
And when the moon
comes to rise
she reflects upon
the mournful brood
and bids them all
a fair adieu.

Danielle Shaeffer